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Receive 9,000 Credits Every Month


Get started with most affordable plan:

  • Narrate: Text to Narration Audio
  • Unlimited Export
  • Permanent Cloud Storage
  • Custom Preset

Usage & Limits:

  • 30 Minutes of Narration
  • 20 Audio File Storage
  • 20 Custom Preset


Receive 90,000 Credits Every Month


Everything in Starter Plan and more:

  • Narrate: Narration Audio to Text
  • Translate: Narration Audio Translation
  • Enhance: Narration Audio Enhancement
  • Custom Collections

Usage & Limits:

  • 150 Minutes of Narration
  • 100 Audio Files Storage
  • 100 Custom Presets
  • 100 Custom Collections


Receive 150,000 Credits Every Month


Everything in Standard Plan and more:

  • Clone: Custom Voice Narration
  • Bulk Export
  • Priority Access to Beta Features
  • Priority Custom Support

Usage & Limits:

  • 500 Minutes of Narration
  • Unlimited Audio File Storage
  • Unlimited Custom Presets
  • Unlimited Custom Collections
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